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Who we are

“Give end-users an emotive experience they’ll remember.”

First to mind, wins.

Think of any app you’ve used in the last week, now think about how you feel about that app.  When we reflect on an experience generally it ranges between good or bad, and it’s that experience that lingers and is recalled when we reach for an app to solve a problem. Apps we love to use, we’ll recommend to others and continue using, while bad apps will be forgotten.

The key to creating a great app is it to give your end-user an emotive experience they’ll never forget.

What we do

We specialise in designing great digital experiences. Whether it’s a proof of concept, MVP for a new idea, or the next Instagram, we can help. From ideation, design, development, testing and launch, we’re with you every step. Harnessing an Agile method of development allows us to iterate ideas and concepts at speed producing an experience your users will remember.


Our most recent success is our Remove Duplicates add-on for Google sheets, which set out to remove the dull and tedious nature of cleaning massive amounts of data. Used globally in over 77 countries and with Fortune 500 customers including the likes of Google, Square and Netflix we couldn’t be happier with the reach and value it’s achieved.

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