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Remove Duplicates is great for cleaning and sorting your data. One popular use case is finding duplicate customer order numbers. Using our demo spreadsheet, we will explain how the process of doing so is simple, easy and only takes a few minutes.

Opening the sheet and selecting data

To get started, open the add-on in the sheet you are working on and select the column you would like to search for duplicate order numbers within.

Remember, when opening the add-on, the ‘Select All Data’ option will be activated, so if you are only wanting to search data in one column, just select that column.

Double-check your actions before searching

Before clicking search, make sure that the ‘Search for’ option is set to ‘Duplicates’. Click into ‘Across’ and the column you have selected should be the only one to show, if not, make sure to search only within the column you want to, and press Save.

‘And’ should be selected as highlight; you can change the colour of the highlight if you need to search for duplicate data across multiple columns, in this instance, we will keep it as it is.

Make sure that ‘Match Case’ and ‘Ignore column headings’ are selected and if you need to back the sheet up, click this as well.

Once you have double-checked everything and made sure the correct data is selected to check, click ‘Search’.

Finding the duplicate data

Et voila! You should then have the number of duplicate rows that the data has found above the Search button.

In this example, the add-on has found 13 rows of data with duplicate order numbers. Scroll through the data to find the rows that have been highlighted.

And it is as simple and quick as that! The add-on requires only a few clicks and a press of the Search button to help clean your data. It can be used in many instances and across different data record sets.

What is Remove Duplicates and who are EXPAND9?

Remove Duplicates is the number 1 trusted add-on for cleaning data in Google Sheets created by EXPAND9. Trusted by the likes of Zoom, Netflix, Square and Google, the add-on has helped clean data in over 77 countries.

Have a play around in our demo spreadsheet and see how our add-on can help speed up your day.

Looking for more information? Get in touch if you have any questions and our team will be more than happy to help.

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