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Remove Duplicates

Available via the Google add-on store.

The #1 trusted Remove Duplicates add-on for Google Sheets™. Used by universities, charities and corporations worldwide, including the likes of Google and Netflix. Our add-on takes the pain and difficulty out of searching for duplicate, unique and other types of data. Providing you with results, you can trust.

Privacy and the integrity of your data is something we take seriously at EXPAND9. So be safe in the knowledge that no information ever leaves the spreadsheet and the results you’re left with are correct.


  • Correct: Results you can trust.
  • Secure: No information ever leaves the spreadsheet.
  • Simplicity: Search for duplicate rows, unique rows and empty rows.
  • Powerful: Search for keywords or regular expressions
  • Flexible: Highlight, remove, append, copy or move results
  • Optimised: Easily handle spreadsheets containing 10,000+ rows
  • Quality: Designed and developed by a company who are passionate about making great products.
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I use your tool almost daily. We have SQL tables full of data and I use your duplicate removal utility to get rid of the extras.

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Purchase a licence to continue using the Pro version of the add-on.

  • 1 search per day
  • Limited email support

*Please ensure this is the primary email that identifies your Google account.

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Licences are automatically applied upon the next time you open the add-on. To verify the licence was applied successfully, click the help menu icon to view the licence status.

If the licence isn’t applied straight away, please allow up to 5 minutes from the time of purchase.

No problem! Simply get in touch and we’ll send you a reminder.

If you’ve had an issue with the add-on, please follow the below steps:

  1. Make a note of your Customer support key. This can be found when clicking the  icon within the add-on interface.
  2. Submit a Bug report below, including:
    1. Your name
    2. Your email
    3. Mark the subject as Bug report
    4. Your Customer support key
    5. A detailed description including what happened and what you done prior to the issue

When attempting to copy your Customer support key, if the “Copy to clipboard” button is not supported by your browser:

  • Right-click in the Customer support key text box and choose “Select all” from the menu
  • Next, Right-click again and choose “Copy”

You can now supply your Customer support key when submitting a bug report.

All time sensitive events, such as refreshing a user’s daily quota are based on the BST timezone

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