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What are we searching for?

Remove Duplicates is great for searching for keywords. To demonstrate, we’ll be using the Keyword search feature to find any emails that contain the keyword “yahoo”. We’ll then extract all these into a new sheet.

You can follow along using the demo spreadsheet.

To get started, open the add-on and choose Search for -> Keyword. In the text box that appears, enter the word “yahoo”. Later, we’ll ensure that the search is case-insensitive, this ensures we capture both lower and uppercase emails.

What columns are we searching in?

Click Across -> Select columns, a popup containing all the available columns in the sheet will appear. Find the row labelled email, check the box and hit “Save”.

What do we want to do with the matches?

A good scenario for segmenting users based on their email address is if we’d like to do some behavioural analytics, so to achieve that we need to move any matches to a new sheet. Choose And -> Move to a new sheet. Finally under configure, uncheck, Match case, Match whole word and hit Search

Great. We now have all users with a yahoo email neatly segmented for further analysis.

Searching for keywords can enhance many workflows. For example in e-commerce, you may want to create a targeted marketing campaign at customers who have purchased any high-end products. Segmenting users is easy with Keyword search.

Removing rows containing keywords in Google sheets is super simple with our Remove Duplicates add-onHave a play around in our demo spreadsheet and see how our add-on can help speed up your day.

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